Sherry’s Story – Why We Relay

There are way too many people in our world who are affected by cancer. My canine companion and I are participating this year to honor all our family members & friends who have heard those words “you have cancer”.

I’m Sherry Sperring; I live in Boyertown, Pa. with my husband Jeff and have two wonderful daughters Chelsea and Rhonda.

Prior to my diagnosis I was very blessed to have a wonderful job as controller at Pa. Convention Center. Every day I got to see happy people enjoying the array of events.

That all came to a halt on February 26, 2009. After having an early morning CAT scan for a nagging pain in my upper back. I was on my way back to work when the phone call came to go straight to the ER.

I was diagnosed with a rare Spinal Cancer called Chondra Sarcoma. The cancer had eaten away at the T-8 vertebrae and mushroomed around the spinal cord.  Two back to back surgeries followed, a cage, Harrington rods and screws now replace that section of my spine.  After four months of recovery we still had to deal with the residual cells on my spine.  That’s where the intense research funded by ACS comes into play.  I was sent to Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) for a specialized radiation therapy called Proton Radiation.  This was my only hope to get the remaining cells without any additional large percentages of paralysis.  The treatment is so specialized there were only four centers in the US.  I saw people come from all parts of the world in hopes of a cure. Prior to this treatment my re-occurrence chances were 86-90 Percent. Now it is less than 5.

During my rehabilitation I was introduced to Therapy Dogs as part of my physical therapy.  It was the highlight of my day and helped work through the pain and recovery.  When I returned home my husband quickly picked up on my conversations, he acted on a way to fill my loneliness at home. We rescued a Greyhounnd called Playgirl. We were both in  bad shape and became best friends with a secomd chance at life.  She was quickly trained and helped me through the days of my recovery.  Now we are both certified as a therapy team and “give back” what I received to others in nursing homes,rehab centers, and cancer centers.

Since then my mobility has been challenged. Playgirl is now my certified service dog also. If I go out alone she is always by my side providing me the stability I need.

I can’t imagine getting through my cancer battle without her by my side.  She read’s my every mood and seems to know what to do automatically.

I have personally been supported by many of the ACS programs which is why I continue to Relay. This is my personal way to fight back against this terrible disease that affects everyone around you.

Would you please support our efforts by making a donation to our campaign? Together we have the power to help create a world where cancer can no longer claim another year of anyone’s life!

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